The 2014/15 Kidz Lab Challenge


To celebrate our Canadian athletes, the 2014/15 Kidz Lab Challenge asks you to


World class sporting events are looking for new, interesting sports to add to their lineup. Your challenge - invent a new sport for competition. Take ideas from existing sports or create something entirely new - it's up to you.

The Challenge is open to all Kindergarten to Grade 8 students who reside in a Scientists in School region in Ontario and Alberta. The deadline for entries is May 15, 2015.

Download the Challenge entry package and rules here

Hey Alberta Kids! Participate in our bookmark contest!

Open to students in Lethbridge and the surrounding area. Deadline: June 5, 2015

All Kindergarten to Grade 8 students are invited to share their ideas about OPEN YOUR MIND TO SCIENCE! by designing a bookmark for our annual contest. Three winning entries will be chosen, one from each of the following categories: Primary (K - 2), Junior (3 - 5), and Intermediate (6 - 8). Winning designs will be featured on our local bookmarks in the 2015/2016 school year. Plus, winners will receive a movie gift certificate (substitute gift can be requested) and a complimentary Scientists in School workshop to be given during the 2015/2016 school year.

Download the entry package

2014/15 Bookmark Activities

The Science of Sport - Archery


Learn more about archery

Cool ESPN Sport Science archery video featuring Olympian Brady Ellison

The Science of Sport - Hurdles


Learn more about hurdles and other types of athletics sports

Meet Canadian hurdler Jessica Zelinka and other Pan Am Track and Field hopefuls

The Science of Sport - Swimming


Learn more about swimming

Fluid dynamics and swimming

The physics behind the breaststroke

The biomechanics of the butterfly stroke

Meet synchronized swimming Pan Am hopeful Clare McGovern and her coach

The Science of Sport - Wheelchair Racing

wheelchair racing

Learn more about wheelchair racing and other Parapan athletics

How engineering helps wheelchair racing athletes


Science Says videos

The Science of Running and Staying Healthy

2013/14 Kidz Lab Challenge Winners

Scientists in School awarded 4 prizes in our 2013-14 Kidz Lab Challenge - crystallography. The winners are:

Owen P., Grade 4 KLC winner from Woodland PS in Thornhill, examines minerals during the workshop he won for his class - Don't Take Rocks for Granite

Students in Ms. Eisen's Grade 5/6 KLC winning class from Meadowbrook PS in Newmarket, test propeller designs during their award workshop - Air & Flight.

Osanna M., Grade 2 KLC winner from Glad Park PS, Whitchurch-Stouffville, tests the water wheel during the workshop she won for her class - Let it Flow: Air & Water

And ... Allison G., Grade 4 student at Steve MacLean PS, Gloucester.

Thank you to everyone who entered!