Although the vast majority of our children will not grow up to become science professionals, they are growing up in a world that requires scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Technology will play a role in their lives that is unprecedented for previous generations. They will have to find solutions to climate change, unfamiliar diseases, animal extinction, overpopulation and possibly food shortages. It is crucial that we work together to help them be successful in this world.

Being a scientist is about asking questions and being curious, exploring and experimenting, figuring out how things work in the world – all things that children are naturally good at.

We hope that the activities below will help you to encourage your child to follow their own natural curiosity, investigate, explore and discover. In science, there are no mistakes, only discoveries!

Backyard Bugs

Simply Marvelous Machines

Energy Makes It Happen

Structures: Under Construction

Let It Flow: Air & Water

Move It!

Plants Do Amazing Things

Structures: Stable and Strong

Gearing Up: Fun With Pulleys and Gears

Sound Is Music to My Ears

What In the World Is Matter?

May the Force Be With You

Air & Flight

Electricity: Get Charged!

Close Encounters of a Chemical Kind

Engineering Challenges

Cell Explorers: Investigating Cell Structure and Function

Fluid Power