After 31 years, Scientists in School is branching out. We are now delivering our engaging hands-on STEM workshops virtually. All of the highly investigative activities you expect, delivered safely and seamlessly to your classroom and home!

Virtual STEM Workshops: Classroom

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Virtual STEM Workshops: Community Settings

What makes every Scientists in School workshop impactful?

  • Discovery-based activities that allow kids to be the scientists

    Children use hands-on equipment and materials often unavailable to schools and community groups. They question, investigate, observe and discover—just like real scientists.

  • Experiential format that allows for in-depth child-centered investigations

    Ample opportunity to delve into topics and make meaningful discoveries using investigative approaches. We embrace the idea that, in science, there are no mistakes – only discoveries.

  • Experienced STEM presenters and passionate role models

    Our more than 400 presenters are scientists, technologists, engineers and more from your local community. They undergo extensive training and are role models who motivate children, teachers and parents by sharing their experience and enthusiasm.

  • Real-world content

    Our workshops open the wonders of science and engineering to everyone, foster environmental stewardship, and encourage children to discover how science is used in their everyday world.