Experiential Science, Technology, Engineering. Math (STEM) and Environmental Classroom Workshops for Your Inquisitive Students

In addition to individual workshops, some regions offer school-wide Science Days and evening Family Science Nights.

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Half-Day Classroom Workshops

Our curriculum-aligned workshops are designed to support the STEM curricula, as well as encourage the development of crucial 21st century global competency skills like critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and teamwork. Like you, our goal is to inspire all children, regardless of their future aspirations.

With 30 years of experience delivering high-quality, high-impact, hands-on workshops, there are many reasons why teachers love our program:

  • We emphasize “process skills” (asking questions, making observations, recording and analyzing data, communicating findings) along with “workplace skills” (teamwork, problem-solving, active learning, critical thinking);
  • Our 400 experienced, passionate, community-based presenters are scientists, engineers, technologists and more, with extensive experience working with children of all learning abilities and styles;
  • Teachers receive valuable lesson extensions provided post-workshop to enhance and extend the learning process; and
  • Our workshops engage and inspire even your most reluctant learner. We recognize that not every student who participates in our program will want to be a scientist, but having students cultivate these skills is crucial no matter what life path they eventually follow.

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School Wide Science Days

The only thing better than one class participating in a Scientists in School classroom workshop is a whole school participating at the same time! Science Days bring our curriculum-aligned classroom workshops to each class in your school, creating a buzz for science throughout your entire school community. If you’re interested in having us organize a day of interactive science learning, please contact your local Scientists in School office.

Family Science Nights

Family Science Nights are hosted at your school and allow parents and caregivers to explore alongside their child, sparking a child’s interest in science and math at an early age:

  • Hands-on activities to help children connect science to the world around them.
  • Parents are provided with ideas on how to extend science and math learning at home.
  • Each family has the opportunity to participate in a number of hands-on STEM activities in a highly interactive and entertaining way!

Family Science Nights are only available in certain regions. If you are interested in learning about what workshops are offered, as well as the cost, contact your regional Scientists in School office.