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Happy 2021-22 school year!

Scientists in School invites you to build wonder, curiosity and STEM engagement in your students, while minimizing the risk of spreading the virus, with our virtual workshops. In these rich, engaging, investigative experiences, students love becoming scientists, receive their own topic-curated Mini Science Bags, and have the opportunity for plentiful interaction with our virtually visiting STEM experts during their 60-minute session. Our free, post-workshop Teacher Resources allow teachers to extend the exploration as their students continue to use the materials in their Mini Science Bags.

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The Virtual Workshop

Your inquisitive students, under the guidance
of experts, will become scientists, engineers
and environmental stewards while developing
the global competency skills they need to
become tomorrow’s STEM workforce.

Our virtual classroom and community workshops bring:

  • Individually packaged investigative materials provided in advance
  • Fun and relevant investigations that build critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • The opportunity to highlight STEM careers and professional opportunities for students.
  • Dynamic presenters, who are scientists, engineers, and topic experts.


For Educators: How to Register & Next Steps

View all our classroom workshops here. Once you’ve decided what works for you, fill out our new teacher form and a member of our team will approve your application. You can then book a workshop and view all your workshop details.

Our virtual workshops are simple and easy to setup.

Step 1 – View our classroom workshop topics. Choose your preferred topic(s)

Step 2 – Create an account

Step 3 – Book a workshop

Step 4 – Receive Mini Science Bags

Step 5 – Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Step 6 – Our expert presenter will lead workshop remotely


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Inspiring Future Innovators To Pursue STEM Careers

The future of Canada depends on the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. We engage children in hands-on classroom and community STEM workshops, encouraging them to question, investigate and discover science in the world around them. Sparking a long-lasting interest in STEM and the environment, inspiring children to think differently about a future STEM career path and challenging them to succeed are just a few of the things we accomplish in every workshop. We want children to believe they can achieve things they never thought were possible, until they had Scientists in School.

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Teacher & Parent Resources

Being a scientist is about asking questions, being curious, exploring, and experimenting – all things that children are naturally good at. Working together we can inspire young people in a way that will help them be successful, productive, and engaged in their communities.

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Make an Impact

By becoming involved with Scientists in School, you are choosing to invest your time, expertise or money in something bigger than our organization; you are giving children the chance to develop skills, explore science and get excited about learning.

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