Organization Information

  1. Is Scientists in School a charity?

    Yes. Our Charitable Registration number is 867139537RR0001. We are dedicated to motivating lifelong interest in STEM learning and to fostering tomorrow’s innovators and leaders. Visit the Get Involved section of our website to learn about the many ways you can support Scientists in School.

  2. Why does Scientists in School charge schools for its workshops?

    Scientists in School is a social enterprise charity. This means that although schools pay a user-fee, every single one of our 24,870 annual classroom workshops are subsidized by donors. This helps us to keep costs affordable for the most number of schools. To keep our program accessible for all schools, we also fundraise to offer complimentary workshops to schools most at-need, as determined in consultation with respective school boards.

Classroom workshops

  1. What do I need to know about booking classroom workshops?

    Booking early for best topic availability is highly recommended. Workshops can be booked online or by filling out our booking form and sending it by e-mail, mail or fax.

  2. How much do classroom workshops cost?

    Current workshop fees are available in the “Book a Workshop” section of our website. Select your school board and the cost will appear.

  3. I don’t see my school board. What does this mean?

    Our classroom workshop program is available in 345 communities in Ontario and Alberta. We do have dreams of offering our program in every province and territory, as funds and resources allow, but aren’t there yet. Contact us to inquire.

  4. I want to book a French-language workshop, but don’t see that option.

    At this time, our French-language workshops are only available in the Ottawa area.

  5. Who can best answer my booking questions?

    Contacting your regional office directly will get you an answer quickly. We’re scientists, so we welcome all inquiries, big or small! To find your regional office contact information, visit our Contact page.

  6. How do I find what workshops are available in my region?

    To discover which curriculum-aligned workshops are available in your School Board, visit our “Program Catalogue” page. You are sure to find one that your class will love!

  7. How long does the booking process take before I can host a workshop?

    During the school year, a presenter will contact you directly by email or phone to arrange a mutually convenient date. If you do not hear from them within 5-10 business days, please contact your regional office. Our workshops run as early as September, so feel free to begin booking workshops for the upcoming school year in the spring or summer. Booking as early as possible will increase your chance of receiving your desired date and time!

  8. Can I change topics or cancel a workshop once I've booked?

    If you wish to change your topic or cancel a workshop, contact your regional office and wherever possible, we will make the change for you. If you change topics, the presenter for your new topic will contact you within 5-10 business days to confirm a mutually convenient presentation date. To view our booking terms and conditions, please visit our “Policies” page. 

  9. Is there a limit to how many workshops I can book in a year?

    No. Scientists in School has a wide variety of curriculum-aligned topics for each grade level! In fact, a recent longitudinal study by Western University found that multiple annual experiences showed a difference in student interest and confidence in STEM, especially for girls.

  10. Is there a limit on number of students per workshop?

    Yes. In order to ensure that all students have a hands-on experience, there is a maximum of 30 students per workshop.

  11. Do you have any resources for teachers outside of your programming?

    For Teacher Resource Packages and a list of downloadable activities, visit our “Teacher Resources” section. These are a great way of extending our workshops and your lessons.

Community Workshops (available in select areas)

  1. What is the difference between a community workshop and a classroom workshop?

    Community workshops are shorter (60-90 minutes of fun!) and cover a broad range of interesting STEM topics. These workshops are less formal than our curriculum-aligned classroom workshops. Community workshops are flexible in that many of the topics can be held inside or outside and they are more easily adapted to meet the needs of your group.

  2. How do I see what topics are offered in my community?

    For more information on our community workshops, please visit our “Community Workshops” page.

  3. Can I book community workshops through the “Book a workshop” page?

    No. To book a community workshop, contact your regional office directly with your workshop choice(s), contact information, preferred date(s), time(s) and location(s). Please note that community workshops are only available in select areas at this time.

  4. Is there a limit on number of children per workshop?

    Yes. In order to ensure that all kids have a hands-on experience, there is a maximum of 25 children per workshop.

  5. How much does a community workshop cost?

    In areas where they are available, community workshops cost $170. This includes an expert presenter, and all the hands-on materials and equipment Scientists in School is famous for.

  6. Can my business book community workshops for employee events that involve children?

    Yes, in select areas your business can book community workshops for events such as summer picnics, Take Your Child to Work Days, and holiday parties. Contact your regional office to see if they offer this service.

Family Science Nights (available in select areas)

  1. What is a Family Science Night?

    Family Science Nights are held outside school hours and allow parents and caregivers to explore alongside their child, sparking a child’s interest in science and math at an early age and involving their family to help develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Family Science Nights also provide ideas on how to incorporate science into daily activities at home.

  2. How do I book one?

    To inquire about a Family Science Night (topics, price, etc), contact your regional office. At this time, Family Science Nights are only available in select areas.

  3. Is there a specific age group for children participating in Family Science Nights?

    Our Family Science Nights are open to all kids from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The format can be tailored to the specific needs of your school.

  4. Do parents have to attend Family Science Nights?

    Yes. The goal of our Family Science Nights is to have parents/guardians explore alongside their children and discover new things together, helping to build up their child’s confidence and excitement for continued STEM exploration outside of the classroom.

  5. Can money from the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Parent Reaching Out (PRO) Grant be used by a school to fund a Family Science Night?

    Absolutely. Family Science Nights provide an opportunity for parent, guardian and caregiver engagement and involvement in their children’s learning; which is part of the criteria involved in obtaining a PRO Grant.