Make a Difference

Our goal in every community is to become part of the educational fabric, where children become scientists in school in their early years (Kindergarten/age 3) and experience both classroom and community workshops throughout their elementary years. In our mature service areas, students enter high school often having experienced at least 10 of our workshops – one for every year of elementary school!

It is through partnerships that we are able to reach more children and youth and truly make a difference in their lives. It is our goal to inspire all children, regardless of their future aspirations. They are our future; they will be the change-makers, the innovators, the entrepreneurs, our future leaders.

Student Group Working

By becoming involved with Scientists in School in any of the ways listed below, you are choosing to invest your time, expertise or money in something bigger than our organization; you are giving children the chance to love science and school, to shine and be excited about something—all of which are aspects that might be the key to them dreaming of the future, staying in school and reaching their full potential.

There are three ways to become involved:

As a donor As a presenter or staff member As an Adopt-a-School champion